Element Metal (Kim)

Element Wood (Moc)

Element Water (Thuy)

Element Fire (Hoa)

Element Earth (Tho)

Asian Dream



Hawaiian Nude

Roses & Blue Nue

Fancy Girl & Chritmas Lights

TimberWest Forest Goddess

Red Hat & Blue Couch

Blue Rose & Polluted City

Yellow; Green, and Red Autumn

Blue Dream - Flurries of Autumn Leaves

Blue Fantasy

Volcano Eruption

Icy Nude on a Broken Recliner

Sun Flowers & African Nude

Sacred Site

The Bull Fighter

Nude Emerged from a Suicide Attack

Fire Bather

Red Heart

Nude in the Afternoon Garden

Nude N" Blue Sky

Size: 22"x14"
Paper Collage
Year: 2007